Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Exchange and Office 365 Hybrid Walkthrough

A walk through of how the Exchange Hybrid system is put together. A guide to understand what the Hybrid system is doing and whether it is the best way for you and your company to get to Office 365.

Something that always annoys me when I am looking for videos or tutorials on YouTube is the constant babble of ‘Welcome to my video’, ‘Today I am going to show you really slowly how to do something’. Argh, not cool people, just get to the point. That is what I have been trying to put into practice in my videos. No waffles, no fluff, just get to the point.

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Mark Rochester
Mark currently works in the cloud space assisting large companies to migrate from either on premises to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. His experience with Enterprise migrations spans more than 25 years which basically makes him old. However, with all the oldness creeping up he still finds technology massively exciting. Please reach out for a chat anytime you would like. 🙂
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