Exchange 2019 Installation


About the Author – Mark Rochester

Mark is currently a Technical Design Architect for Office 365, working at Dell. His projects consist of large Enterprise implementations of Exchange 2016/2019, Exchange Online (Office 365), Azure AD, OneDrive, Skype for Business/Teams. For me information see his LinkedIn profile

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Install Part 3 – Install Exchange 2019

Now comes the easy bit! Once you have installed all the pre-requisites and updated the Active Directory correctly you can move on to installing the Exchange 2019 system itself.My preference is always to use the command prompt and run the unattended...

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Install Part 2 – Update Active Directory

The Active Directory may already have the necessary schema updates for previous versions of Exchange, but before you install the Exchange 2019 system you will need to go through this process. The installation of Exchange 2019 will prepare the Active...

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Install Part 1 – Pre-Requisites

The Exchange 2019 pre-requisites are very similar to the previous version, although they do have later requirements so be careful to follow these carefully. Before the Exchange 2019 Server software can be installed there are various tasks that need to be...

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Server 2019 Installation

Before you can start your Exchange 2019 installation you are going to need to install Windows Server 2019. Exchange 2019 cannot run on any other operating system apart from Windows Server 2019. This was a surprising move but makes sense when you think...

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