Category: Exchange 2016 Configuration

Decommission Exchange after Migration

A question that I get asked a lot is regarding whether or not there needs to an Exchange Servers left on premises after a hybrid migration has been completed. Clients are often keen to decommission the Exchange environment to...

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Move System Mailboxes

The Exchange 2016 installation will create a System Mailbox. The normal location is in the C: along with the system binaries that make up Exchange. This is generally not a desirable place for this to be located and a much better...

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Configure Client Access using External FQDN

Since Nov 1, 2015 it was not possible to include .local domains inside externally used SSL certificates. This created a small problem for a lot of existing Exchange servers as more often than not, the UCC SSL cert would have the...

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Configure Local Queues to Different Location

As part of the installation of Exchange 2016, the local queues that control the inbound mail locate themselves in the Program Files directory where the Exchange Binaries reside. As C: drives are generally a lot smaller than...

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Change Port Number for a Send Connector

Depending on your Exchange environment it may be necessary to change the port number that your Send Connector communicates on. Generally it is left to port 25 but some applications may require a different configuration. An...

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