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Decommission Exchange after Migration

A question that I get asked a lot is regarding whether or not there needs to an Exchange Servers left on premises after a hybrid migration has been completed. Clients are often keen to decommission the Exchange environment to lessen the management of those servers. It...

Setup Group Based Licensing

The background here is that we all know it is pretty easy to go into the console and to add the relevant Office 365 licenses to a particular user. You can even script it if you are doing hundreds. But what it you could just put them in an AD group and have...

Redirect local folders to OneDrive – Documents/Pictures/etc

From time to time I am asked about the use of OneDrive in business and that some users have embraced it and some haven't. Well the easy way for them to get to use it is to divert all their normal folders, Documents / Pictures etc away from the normal location and in...

Connect local Active Directory to Azure AD

In the last two sections we talked about setting up the Office 365 tenant from scratch and them applying the external domain to it. It is now ready to go but we now need to add the users/groups/contact etc from your Active Directory On Premises into the new Azure AD...

Why Your UPN Should Match Your Primary SMTP Address

Since the early days of Office 365, the discussion of changing UPNs has been had between consultants and clients. The discussions range from “what is a UPN” to “this line-of-business application uses UPN for login, the application would need to be reinstalled and the...

Create a new Office 365 tenant – Step 2

So you have a new tenant, albeit a bit empty. Let's get into some of the configuration of it all. The first setup is to verify the domain that you want to use. We can't be stuck with just limegreenfrog.onmicrosoft.com even though that is an important item. Let's now...

Create a new Office 365 tenant – Step 1

Everybody needs to start somewhere and obviously at some point there was a need to create the Office 365 tenant from scratch. In this article I will guide you through step by step on who to perform these tasks. Signup for a new Office 365 tenant Decide on the...

Office 365

Moving to Office 365 is a natural progression for your Exchange On Premises. Here we talk about things like Azure AD Connect, Hybrid Servers, Mail Routing and Migration techniques.

Install Exchange 2016

Tutorials and walk through’s for preparing your Server for Exchange 2016, then installing it.

Configure Exchange 2016

Simply installing Exchange 2016 is just the start of your adventure. These tutorials and guides offer insight into the configuration process and how things should be setup to best suit your organization.


When it comes to reporting on your Exchange 2016 server, there are plenty of scripting possibilities in Powershell to achieve a whole range of interesting outputs. Here are a few that are particularly useful.

SSL Articles

SSL Certificates are an essential part of your Exchange 2016 Server. In this section we show you how to request, import and use the certificates.

PST Files

PST files are an easy way of archiving, importing and exporting mailboxes on your Exchange 2016 server. This set of tutorials show how you can import and export these PST files easily, directly on the Exchange server.

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