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The aim is to pack this site with useful scripts, tutorials and discussions around Exchange On Premises and Exchange Online (Office 365).

Hybrid OCM

The Hybrid OCM system is an Office 365 Migration management tool aimed at making your Hybrid migrations smoother. With a full OCM based engine to automatically communicate with your users during the stages of migration.


Office 365

Moving to Office 365 is a natural progression for your Exchange On Premises. Here we talk about things like Azure AD Connect, Hybrid Servers, Mail Routing and Migration techniques.

Install Exchange

Tutorials and walk through’s for preparing your Server for Exchange 2016, then installing it. The tutorials provide screenshots and exactly how it should be installed. Then move on to the configuration sections.

Configure Exchange

Simply installing Exchange 2016 is just the start of your adventure. These tutorials and guides offer insight into the configuration process and how things should be setup to best suit your organization.


When it comes to reporting on your Exchange 2016 server, there are plenty of scripting possibilities in Powershell to achieve a whole range of interesting outputs. Here are a few that are particularly useful.

SSL Articles

SSL Certificates are an essential part of your Exchange 2016 Server. In this section we show you how to request, import and use the certificates.

What’s New in Exchange 2019

Microsoft Exchange 2019 is now available! Woohoo, but before we all jump in and install it lets take some time and learn about what is actually in there and what benefits we are going to get in the long term. Best to make an informed decision when your IT...

Public Folders – Modern

“Public Folders” – Did anybody just cringe when you read that? Well yes I agree as PF’s have been long the thorn in the Exchange Admins side. But they do have their usages and some users would tell you that their life depended on them, literally. When we...

Public Folders – Legacy

"Public Folders" - Did anybody just cringe when you read that? Well yes I agree as PF's have been long the thorn in the Exchange Admins side. But they do have their usages and some users would tell you that their life depended on them, literally. When we...

Install Part 3 – Install Exchange 2019

Now comes the easy bit! Once you have installed all the pre-requisites and updated the Active Directory correctly you can move on to installing the Exchange 2019 system itself. My preference is always to use the command prompt and run the unattended...

Check and Monitor AAD Connect

In the first part of this section we configured AAD Connect to perform the setup and initial sync of the Active Directory on premises into Azure AD in the cloud. Let's take a look at the Status screen on the AAD Connect server to ensure it was...

Install Part 2 – Update Active Directory

The Active Directory may already have the necessary schema updates for previous versions of Exchange, but before you install the Exchange 2019 system you will need to go through this process. The installation of Exchange 2019 will prepare the Active...

Install Part 1 – Pre-Requisites

The Exchange 2019 pre-requisites are very similar to the previous version, although they do have later requirements so be careful to follow these carefully. Before the Exchange 2019 Server software can be installed there are various tasks that need to be...

Server 2019 Installation

Before you can start your Exchange 2019 installation you are going to need to install Windows Server 2019. Exchange 2019 cannot run on any other operating system apart from Windows Server 2019. This was a surprising move but makes sense when you think...

Configure AAD Connect

In the last few sections we talked about setting up the Office 365 tenant from scratch and them applying the external domain to it. It is now ready to go but we now need to add the users/groups/contact etc from your Active Directory On Premises into the...

Decommission Exchange after Migration

A question that I get asked a lot is regarding whether or not there needs to an Exchange Servers left on premises after a hybrid migration has been completed. Clients are often keen to decommission the Exchange environment to lessen the management of those...

Exchange 2019 is now available via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Portal

Download it from Microsoft from that source. Once it becomes available through other subscriptions we will alert you.

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